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Our Coverage

We are currently able to offer you services in each of the below countries, we are growing all the time so please check back often.

We provide services in regions not listed here so please contact us if your enquiry is for another region. Our Network has established links across the globe.

We believe in a fair an honest approach to delivering in the IT marketplace, every member of our network has a qualified capability. Tech courier services as a minimum in every supported region and support and deployment services are typically standard for all. Please contact us for more details on our solutions. 

Coverage area April 2010

European Rest of the World
Austria Luxemburg USA
Belgium Netherlands Australia
Bulgaria Norway Canada
Czech Republic Poland Dominican Republic
Denmark Portugal Guam
Finland Spain Mexico
France Sweden New Zealand
Germany Switzerland Puerto Rico
Ireland United Kingdom  

In Country Capability
EuWorld Enterprise management systems, to track the lifecycle of your call or project.
EuWorld Commitment to communication and Timely reporting.
EuWorld Commitment to delivering.
EuWorld Each country, unique and with its own ways working together as one to deliver your projects.
EuWorld IT Support, Maintenance and Deployment capability.