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We believe in offering more than just service in country. Our approach gives you a single point of contact for the duration. Our teams are built in the following ways. For all types of works we provide a single team for you to work with. If your IT project or IT support solution is required in more than one country we still ensure that you are dealing with the same team. We work with our customers to their best practice to provide seamless service and implementation.


Multi Country IT Deployments
For 1 or more Country.
These can be scheduled, controlled and maintained by our central team. We will appoint a Primary officer in each country to manage the requirement who then forms part of the overall team. The head of this team will report directly into your organisation giving you the network you need to deliver your business.

Per Event IT On-Site Maintenance Services

We offer per event Break fix support and maintenance services across our network which can be built around your needs.

Contracted IT Support and Maintenance Services

For Peace of Mind
If you need supporting in one or more of our regions then we are happy to offer you a range of contracts to suit your needs. Have terms in mind? We work with our network on any support request or documentation to meet the needs of our IT Solutions clients.

24 hour IT and Support Helpdesks with great capability
Service regardless of time zone
Service and operationally minded with a choice of locations and services including Apple Mac, Desktop, Server and user support. Extends to Project control and operational duties.

European staffing solutions

Should you need to employ long or short term resource across any of our regions our network is ready to help you. We have a range of in country and professional sourcing services working a competitive rates.

We have storage, build and logistics facilities throughout our network and are happy to talk to you about providing end to end solutions. We can work in region or provide a wider service if required.

For a better understanding of how we work or to know more please contact us